Friday, May 15, 2009

Deccan 360 The Indian avtar of Fed-Ex

Capt. G.R. Gopinath may first seem to be a man who takes heavy gambles in a volatile industry. But his past records speak volume about what he has in him. When Deccan first flew out of Bangalore only 1% of India's population was flying. Later when he sold it to Mallya it was 5%. Now his new brain child 'Deccan 360' dares to change supply chain and logistics scene in the country.
Within an year he plans to have a fleet of 9 planes and over 400 trucks criss crossing the country and abroad. A corporate logistics solution provider, end to end supply chain management and a swift and low cost courier and parcel service, all combined into one. This is what he has envisioned. Think of a parcel being sent from Jalandhar to Tuticorin within a day. This is what Gopinath is planning to achieve. With a hub at the geographically and therefore the govt favoured Nagpur MIHAN, that will serve as the hub for domestic network and a feeder point for international cargo, one can expect a reformed and competitive service from the logistics sector in the near future.

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