Sunday, July 1, 2007

Airbus A-380 is not the largest!!!

It would fascinate the reader to know that the Airbus A- 380 is not the largest of aircrafts presently. Very few people know about the Airbus Beluga and the Boeing Dreamcarrier which are actually more than 1.3 times the size of an A-380. It is mainly a transporter(used only for cargo puposes). The second picture is of a Beluga unloading a fuselage.

For example, Airbus is a consortium formed by a group of European nations. So the manufacture and the profits thus gained are shared among the countries. Hence, different parts of an aircraft are made in different countries and is finally moved to its Toulouse assembly plant, where the parts are assembled. In such cases these carriers are used to transport the fuselage and wings, which are bigger. It is for these purposes that a transporter is used.

If an Airbus Beluga could carry the fuselage(the central tube like part of an aircraft) of an Airbus A-380 consider its size. There are totally a five of them under operation eith Airbus and an equal number with Boeing. These days they also leased to other companies to transport combat aircrafts, helicopters, space station components and large machinery. If converted to a passenger aircraft(which has not yet been done) it can accomodate between 1800 to 2000 passengers over four floors(a nice substitute for trains).

Consolidation all the way

Industry sources state that the public can expect another merger. There are indications that Paramount Airways (which mainly caters to the southern region) is looking at Go Air (for picking up stake) to extend its presence in the western and northern region.

I'll keep the viewer updated on the Indian aviation sector from time to time and make a move from the economic sector to the technical sector.