Saturday, December 8, 2007

Infrastructure bottlenecks

While the Indian aviation sector continues to boom, the state of infrastructure of airports across the country is appalling. Long queues in check-in counters, customs, immigration and poor parking and access facilities present a dismal picture. On the air-side lack of adequate parking bays, inefficient ground handling facilities and long time for landing and take-off of aeroplanes are costing the companies dear. The pictures show the situation at various airports.
The first picture shows the situation on the taxiway of Mumbai Int'l airport. The modernisation drive being carried out at the airport is expected to decongest the airport and also be able to enhance its handling capacity. Modernisation of other metro's airports are under various stages of implementation. As for Bengaluru(Banglore) and Hyderabad they are getting new greenfield airports by next year. The state of the present airport is in the first picture.