Saturday, June 20, 2009

Going International: The Paramount way

With Paramount Airways at last announcing the purchase of ten A321s, we can see Chennai emerging as a hub for business class travellers in South Asia. This takes away people from the busy and congested hubs of Bombay, New Delhi and Colombo. 'Hassle free transfers through Chennai'. That might be the tag line for Paramount. Think of Paramount advertising "Fly to the Far East and Europe seamlessly through our hub at Chennai". Paramount has carefully examined and chosen its possible destinations. Untapped markets of Central Europe and Far East are being considered. That is a gutsy move. While most of the Indian carriers started their international services on traditional routes which has led to over capacity, Paramount wants to cater to the niche market. People from central Europe may transfer through Chennai for Far East destinations like Seoul, Shanghai, etc.

If things continue on a sound note one may expect a Paramount flight on the Kangaroo route via Chennai. Chennai being right on the middle of the Sydney-London route could provide a hassle free alternative from the traditional hubs at Dubai and Singapore. In future Paramount can think of its own terminal in Chennai on the lines of T3 at Dubai or T5 at LHR. Paramount's mantra of growing slow but steady is perfect for an all business class airline.

Being an all business airline has its own advantages and disadvantages. Since you will be catering to a small but regular traffic your customer base is steady but low. At times of turbulence this is useful. One can look at markets which do not have much of economy travellers.
Paramount has withstood the economic crisis in the domestic arena, while other carriers were struggling to survive. The U.S market has been shrewdly avoided for the time being considering the fact that it has still a long way to go before it recovers from the crisis. So it is those markets which are on the verge of recovering that Paramount is looking at. Lets wait and see how Paramount's Thiagarajan makes his international debut.

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